Wooden Cutlery Reimagined

Because Your Customers Care.

Alder-Tek Manufacturing is committed to enhancing our customers’ brand by manufacturing premium single-use wooden utensils and driving positive impacts for the environment and the world.

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Why Wood?

With multiple options for sorting and throwing away waste available we’re often left to wonder – what actually happens to the trash I throw in these bins? Wooden utensils are the most environmentally friendly disposable option available, regardless of where they end up after use. Wood will biodegrade into natural compounds regardless of where it is disposed.


Less than 1% of “biodegradable” plastic is composted properly


Less than 9% of plastic is recycled


Plastic takes more than 500 years to break down in a landfill

With decades of experience in manufacturing and logistics, Alder-Tek has an industry advantage when it comes to the disposable cutlery market. We understand that supplier quality assurance is inseparable from our customers’ branding initiatives.

Promoting Sustainability

Alder-Tek Manufacturing facilitates to conversion of “Sustainability Plans” into “Sustainability Achievements.” We are driving quantifiable sustainability results across a variety of market sectors and use cases:

Restaurants Groups and Fast Casual

As more governmental entities enact and enforce bans on single-use plastics, operations and sustainability leaders in the Fast Casual space need to find solutions quickly – without breaking critical supply chain continuity. Alder-Tek has the necessary expertise to bring rapid, durable change for restaurant chains of any size.

Schools, Colleges and Universities

Dining Directors face a complicated challenge: How to keep their communities fed and safe while addressing legitimate environmental concerns raised by students, faculty, and support staff. Alder-Tek helps leadership address these critical issues, delivering custom solutions for the unique challenges facing colleges and universities today.

Stadiums, Arenas and Event Centers

Public event venues face two key challenges when it comes to answering the call for increased sustainability; First, quality and value must be maintained. Second, sustainability solutions must be scalable and reliable. Alder-Tek possesses the manufacturing capacity needed for even the largest venues, and the supply chain experience to deliver products reliably every time.

Institutional Catering Facilities

Serving larger populations consistently is a significant challenge. When safety and budgetary considerations are also factored in, institutional operators might feel like they simply cannot meet the needs of their customers while also meeting their sustainability goals. Alder-Tek is the strategic partner these sites need to overcome the plastic crisis without blowing up budgets.