Frequently Asked Questions

A: Wooden utensils are sustainably manufactured using processes that are more efficient, and burn fewer fossil fuels, than plastic. They are also compostable at home and biodegradable, leaving almost no impact upon disposal.

A: Wooden utensils are produced under the same medical-grade rules and standards as tongue depressors and other health related products. They are 100% approved and safe for food service.

A: Wooden utensils are perfect in a variety of applications, including fast casual restaurants, stadiums and arenas, and institutional dining facilities. Wrapped sets are a perfect, eco-friendly solution for just about any cuisine as well.

A: Bio-plastics are only compostable in industrial facilities, and the vast majority of bio-plastic utensils never make it to a proper facility, which means their impact on the environment is no better than traditional petroleum based plastics. Wooden utensils are easily compostable and biodegradable, which means their impact on the environment is very small regardless of how they are disposed of.

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